Toots.Id aka. my Mastodon tryout

After experimenting with self-hosting Mastodon i came to the conclusion that this whole thing is not in a practicable state.

The waste of bandwidth and storage the current implemenmtation produces is beyond usabillity.
Every asset a node interacts with is beeing "mirrored" on the lokal instance but never used. Why this is a design is beyond me.

So my single instance, with a single user, connected to a coupple of relays, produced about 20GB a day in "idle" traffic and hdd usage even when there was not interaction with the instance itself it was happly accepting and storing any file asset from remote locations that would never be used locally anywhere. It just stored them for for whatever reason.

This was my last experiment with Mastodon for anytime soon.
My domain "" and Mastodon instance will not be renewed or continued and, most importantly, there will be no other official instance of "MadMakz" on the feediverse anywhere!